Monday, May 2, 2011


I have a crazy cold right now. I couldn't sleep last night because of it, and I used up a box and a half of tissues in a day! Ick, I finally passed out around 2 PM. When I'm sick I feel like an alien in my own body. It doesn't do the things I want it to do, and I feel like I'm trying to tell it to do things and it seems like it takes a lot longer to do them. I hate that feeling!

Osama bin Laden is dead. I remember 9/11 pretty clearly, I was in high school at the time, and the whole school basically stopped working and everyone just watched the news. Most of my family lives in NY, most upstate not the city but it still hit close to home. Was Osama bin Laden actually behind these attacks? I don't know, most people will never know. He admitted to them, but it seemed like he just gave up denying it and went along with the story. I'm not saying he wasn't a bad man or didn't deserve to die, I'm just not sure if he's the one really responsible. I'll never know, and he very well may have done it, but I'm not foolish enough to accept what the government says as the truth just because they say it is. I'm not sad that he's dead, but I find it hard to celebrate his death. It doesn't bring back those that were killed, it doesn't even end the war on terror. It doesn't end the ignorance of people, people hating Muslims because they mistakenly believe that he was their leader. Most of all his death just makes me think about all of the people who have died. From 9/11 to those who died searching from Osama bin Laden to those who died in the "war on terror." Life is something precious. I will never understand why people use religion or money or ideals to kill people. Well I guess that's not true, I understand believing in freedom and fighting for it. I don't understand killing someone because their religion is different from yours, despite most religions advocating peace.

Sorry if most of this doesn't make sense. I should go lay down again but I know I'd just lay there. Sigh!


  1. Great post,Heather!
    Get well soon:)

  2. I'm sorry that you're not feeling well :( I hope you get better right away!

    I liked your viewpoint on Osama bin Laden. You're right--we will never know for certain if he was behind everything. We only know what the media tells us. The media doesn't always tell the truth and often slants the truth to suit itself. And I cannot agree more about your views on religion being used as an excuse to kill, but it's always been that way, like it or not. :(