Monday, February 28, 2011

Nom nom

I finally passed out around 3 PM today, then woke up around 7:30 PM. I'm going to try to sleep for a few more hours in the early morning then stay up all day tomorrow. Tomorrow is the husband's birthday, it seems to sneak up on me every year. I ordered him a game that he's been wanting, and we're getting his truck fixed. Practical and fun all at the same time :-P He's not much of a cake person and we don't really do parties so I'll probably just tell him to order himself a pizza for dinner tomorrow.

When I woke up, I actually started reading again. It's just a silly fluff romance novel, but hey reading is reading! I don't feel like doing anything tonight, I'm still drained from yesterday. So right now I'm starving and instead of going to cook something I'm just surfing the web. Motivation, I needs you! Hopefully tomorrow I'll be more energetic, getting up when it's not pitch black out will probably help.


  1. What's the novel?! Oh, and would you guys pay for the transmission to be fixed on our truck please?! :D

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY HUBBYKINS!! I hope you enjoy your new game! Give Heather lots of kisses, she's the best present you ever got! :) (Psst, why don't you guys go out to an Italian restaurant for dinner and have a yummy pizza there, maybe in a romantic corner with dimmed lighting!)

    I didn't read yet if you had a comment about my suggestion regarding Glenn Harrold but in case you're interested, he's got a fantastic audio tape for works so well that I can tell when Steve's listened to it! It works great for me too. Wierd but true, listen to that and you'll actually do the stuff you've been thinking of doing!

  2. I don't remember the name of the novel right now, it's in the bedroom with the sleeping husband. I think it's one of the silhouette books or whatever though :-P We might go out this weekend but he works this evening, and we're saving money for the truck repairs/looking to buy a new car (our other one is having way too many problems, time to sell and move on!) so who knows what we'll do. Jake would be just as happy ordering a pizza and watching a movie together at home :)

    I looked into the Glenn Harrold thing on itunes but I don't have an iphone or ipad. I barely use my cell phone so I'd never spend that much on one :-P I'll have to look into the audio tape though!