Saturday, March 26, 2011

I slept too long!

Yesterday was an interesting day (well today technically, it's still Saturday here). Jake and I usually go to bed around 6 AM and get up around 2 AM. After he got out of work around 5:30, we decided to go run to Lowes to pick out our new washer before it got crowded out. We drove about a mile down the road when we heard the back tire making a thudding noise. We got out and looked and sure enough there was a huge nail sticking in the tire. I'm happy it was the back tires though, and that it was us instead of someone else because our back tires needed to be replaced anyway. We limped the truck home and put on the spare, and looked up what hours the tire shop was open. It opened at 8, and Lowes opened at 7 so it was perfect timing. We stopped at McDonalds to get Jake some breakfast, I got a small shamrock shake which was actually pretty good.

We spent a good half an hour looking at the different washers, and I ended up picking up a HE top loader, hopefully it runs okay. I looked at a bunch of different washers online and knew a few to avoid. People have mixed feelings about HE washers in general, but I've never had one personally. Since it was cheaper than some of the other ones, we decided to get a new dryer as well. So tomorrow Lowes is delivering and installing them for us, free. :D I hope they know what they're doing, the people who work there seem to be pretty clueless. When we were picking up our new shed half of them didn't know where anything was! But either way Jake knows how to install them, so as long as they can manage to get them here it will be fine. I'm pretty excited though, I usually only get used appliances, so it will be nice to have something that hopefully cuts our electricity and water bill a bit. Oh, and Jake's parents are getting a new fridge so they're giving us their old one. I say old one, but it's still a good 10 years newer than our current one. Now we just need to get a newer stove and water heater and our appliances will be all modernized!

Jake dropped me off at Walmart while he went to go get new tires. They have a book bin with two dollar books in it this week, which are probably terrible books but I'm a sucker for cheap books so it kept me occupied. Our tire shop didn't have them in stock though, so he gets to go back on Monday. By the time all that was done it was 9 AM, so we were pretty beat. Add that to the cold I've been fighting off lately and I slept until about 10 PM. Well there goes any hope I had of having a normal sleep schedule :-P


  1. I'm glad you guys didn't have an accident due to that tire, yikes. Sorry you couldn't get it replaced today, but of course that would have been too convenient, right?

    LOL, I had to look it up: HE stands for High Efficiency! :D I don't know what we have...I think they are though because we got ours about 5 yrs ago when we moved up here. Our appliances are all pretty new--we are using the oven that was here and it's electric and we don't like it much but our really nice stove needs to be converted from gas to propane before we can use it, so it's been sitting for years, wahhhhh!

    OMG, I'm glad I don't make much time to read books because I am a TOTAL SUCKER for book bins! Don't you just LOVE book stores?! Used book stores make me want to spend all my money on bags of cheap books, and new book stores are just mesmerizing! I used to spend hours and hours in the neighborhood library as a kid and worked in the school library from 9-12th grade...all through school, the library was always my favorite place to go and hang out!

    These days Steve and I are audio book JUNKIES. We have a huge library of them (save the files when you rent or borrow from the library, and some are online too) and they are just fantastic for when you exercise, travel, or do mundane tasks. Absolutely cannot get enough of them, and we love that just because we don't make time to read physical books, we still get the enjoyment of them in the audio form.

  2. Ick that sucks about the oven, I don't know how much it would cost to convert it but might be cheaper to just sell it and get a new one of the correct type? I love cheap books period! The library near where I grew up used to have a sale every summer where a bag of books was 5 or 10 dollars, you could pick whatever you wanted and fill up grocery bags as packed as you wanted to. I used to work in the school library too! In 9th and 10th grade that is, when we moved to MO in my junior year they didn't have that program, but I still spent every lunch hour at the library. When I registered for classes in the summer there were dead roaches in the hallway, so I wasn't ever going to eat food there ick! But the library is a magical place, actually anything with books in it is. Jake gets mad because I can spend forever browsing books :) I should try audio books again, I haven't listened to one since I was in HS. Physical books are usually cheaper so that's just what I go with!

  3. About our oven...Steve has the necessary parts. He just needs to switch them out, but we'll have to have a cylinder of propane to deal with...I have a feeling it will just sit here until we move. Boo. Some day we'll get to use it again and that will be so nice, it's really pretty and works like a dream.

    LOL, you're just like me regarding books! Every week I'd get a new stack of books from the library and stuff them in my backpack...I'd look like Quasimodo and I probably had the strongest back of any kid my age!

    Tell me: were you as silly as I was with the determined mission to read all of the fiction books in your school library? LOL...after a while it dawned on me that no matter how fast I read, there was NO WAY I would ever read them all! That was pretty depressing to me, lol!

    *snicker* Yes, whenever Steve and I go into a book store, we really have to pay ATTENTION to the time because we both go into a googly-eyed trance...booooooks....ooooooooooo.....mmmmmmmm.....loooook at all the beautiful booooooks!! *cackle*

    Believe me, I know what you mean about the price of audio books being totally STUPID! So, we just get them from the library and download them from spots on the net. Check your might be surprised at the selection. They are becoming more and more popular. Your library *may* have an option to download them too so you can just get them online!