Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What I missed

Things I missed when I played WoW:
-eating real, fresh cooked food
-the simple joy of listening to music that touches your soul
-spending time with real people
-feeling the sun, rain, or wind on my skin
-being alive
-dressing up for no reason
-pampering myself
-giving my pets the attention they deserve
-giving my husband the attention he deserves
-talking to people who aren't WoW zombies
-time not flying by me

More to be added if I think of any :-P What did you miss the most when you played?


  1. Why not make a list of the things you have gained after quiting wow?
    Focusing on the bright side helps more than remembering the stressed times...
    One of the major things I've gained-don't laugh:P-is that I dont go rushing like a maniac to do everything,from cooking to grabing a glass of water.
    Weeks after quitting it struck me that I was still rushing around, although there wasnt any reason at all. No raids, no "brb physical",no stupid dailies to do,no emblems to collect...but I still walked fast, did everything as if someone was chasing me with a whip and it was pathetic.
    So I said to my body "relax darling " and cosciously lowered the pace of my everyday activitiesback to normal.
    This is one of the great pleasures of qutting wow :)

  2. That's a good idea, but I don't really think of the list as negative. I guess I should of made it a list of things I've rediscovered since quitting WoW :-P It's a list of the things I missed when I played but am experiencing now or looking forward to doing. I totally agree with the maniac rushing thing. It was do everything at light speed in order to squeeze in more WoW time! It's nice to relax and take the time to enjoy things now :)

  3. Great post, and great comments! I agree with both of you on all points. It's just to nice to feel the sun on my skin, the breeze through my hair, to hear the birds singing, to watch the clouds go by. To have a conversation with my husband that doesn't involve a video game, to spend time with my animals, to make new posts in my blog...these are just a few things I've gained! And it's so nice to have the time to help make a nice dinner, which we eat at the dinner table!!

  4. A thing I missed while playing wow:
    A third of my hair lol and I'm not kidding.
    Too much stress, spending a whole summer back in 2009 on just coffee,cake and cigaretts, sleeping only 4-5 hours a day had it's consequences ;P
    I' happy to report my hair is back to normal, so if I don't want to end up like Yul Bruner or something I better forget wow for ever...